✨ Online Soul Circles ✨ Base Chakra ✨ Tues 12th July - 6.30pm AWST

✨ Online Soul Circles ✨ Base Chakra ✨ Tues 12th July - 6.30pm AWST

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Hey my beautiful,

I am SO glad that you were drawn to these Soul Circles 🫶

I have created these circles with the intention of them being a super safe space for women to be able to come together to share, support and heal together.

When I got asked to sit in circle with other women for the first time about 2 years ago by my coach, I felt super uncomfortable. I found it super difficult to trust other women after having been emotionally burnt by my own Mum at 17yo. If I couldn't trust my own Mum because she always lied to me and didn't create the safest of spaces for me, how was I supposed to trust other women? I did NOT feel like I could.

What I quickly learnt as I sat in circle was that, we as women, are supposed to be coming together to be able to create connection and uplift and empower one another. We are not here to be tearing each other down. I also learnt that we are NEVER alone with the things that we are going through. We are all going through something similar without even realising and when coming together in circle, we are then able to not only heal our own wounds but help others heal theirs as well.

When I decided to create these circles a few months ago, my intention was for them to be based around the Full Moon & New Moon. Upon sitting with this today as I type this, my intuition is telling me otherwise. Having said that, these circles are going to be themed around the Chakras. Each month we will be focusing on a different chakra starting with the Base.

The base chakra is our foundation. Once we can build a solid foundation, we create stability, safety & security to be able to build up from there.

These circles will be conducted monthly, online via Zoom.

Places are strictly limited as this container will be kept to an extremely intimate group.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to DM me on Fb/Insta @crystalphoenixreiki or send me an email at info@crystalphoenix.com.au

I hope that you feel called to join us.

Love Belinda xx