Oracle Card Reading Course - Self Paced

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😍 I am SO excited to offer this course to you!

🌈 In this completely self paced course, I will be teaching you a whole bunch of techniques that I've learnt and implemented into my readings over the past 10 years

💫 I will be teaching you how I personally read cards so you can read for yourself, friends/family or even incorporate it into your business as a service.


💫 Are you sick of reading cards from the guide book?

💫 Do you want to learn how to read them intuitively?

💫 Do you want to know how to read with the help of your angels, guides & spirit team?

💫 Do you want to learn to read for friends, family or even clients?

💫 Do you want to know what is stopping and blocking your intuition from coming through & how to get past it?

💃🏼 I am here to help you in my COMPLETELY SELF PACED Oracle Card Reading Course!

😍 This has been one of my most requested courses by YOU to run & it is finally here!

💖 Course is immediately accessible upon signup.

🌈 If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message, email or contact me via the contact box on my website xx

😘 Lots of love & hugs,
Belinda xx