Release & Let Go Healing Journey

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When we hold onto anger, resentment, hurt, guilt or shame, we have to understand that we are not doing any damage to anyone but ourselves. They are not the other ones that are suffering with a giant knot in their stomach. They are not the ones who have epic anxiety every time they hear your name. They are not the ones who live with these heavy feelings. It is us. We are the ones who suffer.

To assume that we aren't, is like us drinking poison but expecting the other person to die. Or like us holding on to hot coal but expecting the other person to get burnt. It isn't going to happen even as much as we think it is going to.

Sometimes, these past wounds come from somewhere that goes deeper than just this lifetime too. A lot of the time, without realising, we are carrying old trauma, hurt and stuff from our past lives.

It is important that we use this time to let the light shine in on any of these wounds or past experiences that we are still holding onto. It is time to release and let go of them now!

During this healing journey, we are going to be not only delving into what you are holding onto/who needs to be forgiven as well as clearing, releasing and letting go but we will also delve in to a completely tailored Past Life Healing Session where we are able to look at and understand what hurt or patterns you could be carrying over from past lives and soul contracts too.

This is POWERFUL work and this is going to help you in ALL aspects of your life moving forward if you are ready and willing to put in the work to do so. I can promise you that! You have my hearts promise on this one!

If you are ready to DEEP DIVE into your release & let go journey and create some space for new and exciting things, people and opportunities to come into your life, I will be here with you every step of the way while we navigate through together.

Release & Let Go Healing Journey includes the following:

✨ 2 Hour Past Life Healing & Report Session
✨1 Hour Reiki Healing Session w/Full Intuitive Report
✨ Express Reiki Session
✨Past, Present & Future 3 Card Intuitive Reading
✨Access to The Power Of Forgiveness Self Paced Mini Course
✨Powerful journal prompt worksheets for self enquiry
✨2 Guided Meditations for Forgiveness and Releasing & Letting Go
✨Past, Present & Future Chakra Clearing
✨Re-alignment of the centre of the energy field
✨5 x Yes/No Questions Answered Via Pendulum
✨Voice & Text Support

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