✨Advanced Card Reading Spreads✨

✨Advanced Card Reading Spreads✨

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If you would like a card reading tailored to a specific area of your life ie. relationship, career etc, please ensure that you place this in the notes section BEFORE you check out otherwise any readings booked will be read as general guidance :) x

5 Card Lovers Spread - Suitable for couples, singles or if you are interested in.

Card 1 - You - Any guidance that comes up around what you need to do, what you are responsible for, your actions etc. This card is all about YOU & your part in the relo.

Card 2 - Them - This is the same as the first card except it is all about THEM and the part that they have to play within the relationship and any other messages that need to come through.

Card 3 - The Relationship - Guidance that shows up within this card is all about your relationship with this person. This shows any positives, negatives, problems, opportunities, everything to do with your relationship with this person. Lay all the cards on the table here and see things for what they are. The truth of the matter.

Card 4 - Advice - As the name suggests, this card is all to do with advice. Intuitive guidance will be given on what to do in order to strengthen the relationship. It addresses any issues that come up within Card #3 aswell providing you with insight and advice on how to go about things for a positive outcome for all involved.

Card 5 - Likely Outcome - This card provides insight into the likely outcome of a relationship, partnership, friendship etc. It shows you what the future could look like with this person provided you follow the advice given in the previous card. Relationships do take work from both sides so provided this is done, this will be a likely outcome for those directly involved.

9 Card Advanced Past, Present, Future
This card spread is a super elaborate version of the 3 Card Past, Present, Future Spread. It highlights any issues from the past, anything that needs to be addressed, things from the past that have made an impact within your life whether that be positive, negative or neutral. The present cards show anything that you may be dealing with right now. Things that are on your plate. Any struggles, challenges you may be facing as well as anything uplifting and positive as well as providing advice and action steps for you to be able to take. Based on the current path that you are on and provided the advice within the second row of cards are followed, the future row brings forward any possible outcomes for you. It can provide insight into what to expect next within your life or different options if they show up. This set of cards can be tailored to a particular topic such as relationship, career etc or it can be left as just general guidance also.

10 Card Celtic Cross
This EPIC MASSIVE spread can also be tailored to a particular topic or it can be left at general and any guidance that needs to come through. The Celtic Cross Spread contains the following cards with in depth answers.

1. Current Situation
2. Challenge
3. Focus
4. Recent Past
5. Possibilities
6. Near Future
7. Power
8. Environment
9. Hopes & Fears
10. Outcome


*Please Note*
✨ As I hope you can appreciate, these spreads take a lot longer to do and more energy therefore your Advanced Card Reading will be emailed to you within 72 hours of booking. Please ensure your email address is correct upon checkout.

✨ No health or pregnancy related questions.

All readings are purely for entertainment purposes and myself or Crystal Phoenix Reiki hold no responsibility over your actions. Please remember, we all have free will and our future is never set in stone :) xx

💖 Belinda xx