✨ 3 Card Reading ✨

✨ 3 Card Reading ✨

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If you would like a card reading tailored to a specific area of your life ie. relationship, career etc, please ensure that you place this in the notes section BEFORE you check out otherwise any readings booked will be read as general guidance :) x


Past, Present, Future

This card reading highlights anything from the past that you are needing to let go of or bring some attention to. It shows you what you need to focus on in the present moment in order to continue moving forward in your life. The future card provides an outcome provided you follow the guidance within the second card.

Mind, Body, Spirit
This card reading provides clarity in each of these areas of your life. We uncover what needs to be given some attention within each area. You will receive guidance on what needs to change, any challenges within each area and also possible outcomes and solutions.

Situation, Challenge, Solution
This card reading highlights the situation that needs your attention most right now. It brings into your awareness any challenges you may be facing right now that needs to be dealt with or looked at. It also provides you with insight as to what can be done in order to help solve any issues that are coming up within this situation right now.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Advice
This card provides clarity around any strengths and weaknesses in your life at the moment in regards to whatever area of your life that you would like to focus on and then provides you with guidance and advice on what to do in order to move forward in your life right now. This can be tailored to any topic such as relationships, career, family, finances etc.

Universe Guidance
The first card in this spread gives you insight into "What you need to know right now" within your life. The second card shows you a new perspective and a different way to look at things so they can be seen in a positive light. The third card provides you with actionable steps in order to be able to continue moving forward in your life right now. This can be tailored to any topic such as relationships, career, family, finances etc.

Mini Lovers
This card provides insight into any type of relationship. The first card is about you and how you can help a situation or what part you need to play in the relationship. The second card is the same but it is about the other person. The third card is a possible, likely outcome (provided the guidance is followed) on what the future holds for both of the people involved. This is a good card if you are just wanting a bit of a feel into which direction to head in with this person.


*Please Note*
✨ Your 3-Card Reading will be emailed to you within 48 hours of booking. Please ensure your email address is correct upon checkout.

✨ No health or pregnancy related questions.

All readings are purely for entertainment purposes and myself or Crystal Phoenix Reiki hold no responsibility over your actions. Please remember, we all have free will and our future is never set in stone :) xx

💖 Belinda xx