Distant Reiki Healing & Chakra Balance - Full Report

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I have been doing Reiki healing for around about 6 years now. Due to Covid, I have changed the way I operate & am now offering Distant Chakra Balance healings. 

I know what you may be thinking.. How can you do Reiki healing on me without me being present? Believe it or not, Reiki energy cuts through time & space. 

When we go through stressful or traumatic things and times in our life, our Chakras can become closed or a little bit stagnant & not operating how they should be. Your Chakras are the main points in your energy system. When our Chakras aren't functioning properly, it can cause you to not feel like yourself. It can cause you to feel sluggish and just icky.

I check your Chakras including Alpha, Omega, Past, Present, Future, Diaphragm, Thymus & the 7 major ones too. I use my body as proxy to send healing to you & open all your Chakras back up to 10/10 functioning while clearing out any unwanted, stagnant energy that we have built up and collected in our bodies over time.

I clear out any negative energy from your auric field & also adjust your 
assemblage point. Your assemblage point is the centre of our energy field. It is normally located in the middle of the chest area. Things that can knock our assemblage point out are accidents, illness, injuries, prolonged stress, shock or trauma. This can cause anxiety & excess physical/mental energy, depression & low physical/mental energy along with many other issues. 

Once our session has ended, I send a detailed report approx 5-7pages long to your email of which Chakras were out and what score they each had before the session, along with any info I intuitively pick up - it kind of ends up being a bit like a guidance reading aswell. You can choose to meditate into the session or I can set my intentions for you to receive the full benefits at a time best suitable for your body.

Please select a time & confirm your booking. Let me know if you have any other questions, absolutely always happy to help! 

Sending lots of love to you all <3 
Belinda xx