✨ The Magic Of Meditation✨ - Guided Meditation Bundles

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These beautiful bundles of guided meditations have been channeled and recorded by me, specifically for YOU landing here right now xx

Each bundle contains 7 Meditations each approx. 15-20 minutes long
Sale $35 - RRP $50

Complete Journey contains 28 Meditations each approx. 15-20 minutes long
Sale $99 - RRP $200

🌈 The Chakra Bundle 🌈

Base - Safety & Security

Sacral - Reproductive Organs & Creativity

Solar Plexus - Confidence & Willpower

Heart - Love, Self Love & Compassion

Throat - Speaking/Living Your Truth & Boundaries

Third Eye - Intuition & Clear Seeing

Crown - Downloads & Connection to Source

🍃 Reconnect Bundle 🍃

Ground - Help you ground yourself and stay centred.

Connect - Helps you to reconnect back to your heart

Body Scan - Helps you to recognise & release any trapped emotions in your body

Higher Self - Helps you to connect to your higher self and gain clarity

Gratitude - Helps to bring awareness and be able to tap into the powerful feeling of gratitude

Letting Go - Helps to release and let go of all you are carrying that no longer serves you

Forgiveness - Helps to bring awareness around any forgiveness work that needs to be done, helping you to forgive those who need forgiveness

Guidance Bundle

Breathe - Helps you to bring awareness back to the breath and use it as a tool

Protect - Guides you through a beautiful protection practice that you can use daily to help protect your energy

Expand - Assists in being able to expand your energy field making it easier to connect to higher self, angels, guides and spirit team

Spirit Guides - Beautiful meditation to help you meet and gain answers from your spirit guides

Spirit Team - This meditation is slightly different to the Spirit Guide one and is open for your angels, guides, ancestors, passed loved ones, ascended masters to come through

Archangel Michael - This is such  a beautiful meditation to help you connect to Archangel Michael

Archangel Haniel - Beautiful meditation to connect to Archangel Haniel


🦋 Growth Bundle 🦋

Self Love - Helps to bring you back to your heart centre and shower yourself in love

Confidence - Assists in bringing the confidence back out in you in all areas of your life

Abundance - Helps you be able to call in abundance in all areas of your life

Manifestation - This gorgeous meditation helps you to visualise and be able to call in and manifest all your desires in life

Past Life - This meditation assists you in being able to be shown a part of your past life that may need healing or something you may need to know in this present moment

Inner Child - Inner child meditation helps you reconnect to your inner child and openly listen without judgement to what your inner child needs from you in this moment

Crystal Healing - This beautiful meditation helps you to connect to the gorgeous mother earth and helps you to identify any crystals that are going to amplify and help you along your healing journey right now


🧘‍♀️ The Complete Journey Bundle 🧘‍♀️

This bundle contains ALL of the above meditations. It is absolute pure bliss to help take you on a beautiful 28 day Guided Meditation Journey xx


***Please note***
This is a presale and all meditations will be sent out by the 31st May xx